Japanese Tattoo Meaning

Japanese Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo Meaning Infographic Personal procject, illustration of the main tattoos used in Japanese tradition. Infographic American Old School Tradition Infographic Russian Tattoo Infografica tatuaggi Giapponesi Progetto personale, illustrazione dei principali tatuaggi della tradizione giapponese e il loro significato Infografica...

Wallstick Stickers

Naming, Logo design, Stickers collection Wallstick, stickers for decorating the surface of the house, walls, furniture and all the smooth surfaces, where it is possible to put on a sticker. For the Wallstick project I have...
The characters represent: The Funs

Musical Event Illustrations

Illustrations for a musical event. The characters represent fans, artists, and homeowners. Illustrazioni Evento Musicale. I personaggi illustrati rappresentano, i proprietari di casa dove gli artisti vengono ospitati per suonare, gli artisti e i fans invitati all'evento...

Sirmione Wellness Infographic Map

Sirmione Wellness Infographic Map Infographic Map of the wellness SPA centers in the peninsula of Sirmione, Lake Garda. Sirmione Centri Benessere Mappa Infografica Mappa illustrata dei centri benessere presenti nella penisola di Sirmione, Lago di...

How to Make a Cardboard Box

How to Make a Cardboard Box The illustration and the graphic shows in a fun way the production process for the making a cardboard box. Arcabox is an Italian company taht designs and produces presentation...

Kayma Animated Video

Illustration for Animated Explainer video The animation is used in sales presentations and displayed on the business’s site so prospective customers can quickly understand what the business...

Data Illustrations Industrial Frigo

Data Illustrations Client:Industrial Frigo Industrial Sector:Industrial refrigeration and thermoregulation systems Industrial Frigo The company builds its experience in the sector of the industrial cooling and thermoregulation, acquiring a good knowledge that makes it today one of...