Foundation Year Parma

I like to make collages, this technique allows me to experiment with various solutions faster than illustration, it also allows me to use elements that I would not be able to draw.
When I have the possibility to freely define the elements to represent, I try to create compositions made up of images which in turn have a high symbolic value. The goal is to build a single collage with multiple reading levels.

Here is an example created to promote a cultural and linguistic exchange between Jordan and Italy.
Client: Dante Alighieri Amman Committee

  • The lily is a symbol that Dante Alighieri Society use as a logotype,
  • Parmigianino, Italian painter “ La Schiava Turca”,
  • Two icons recognized all over the world, the colosseum of Rome and the temple of the treasury of Petra,
  • The Violet is the flower of the city of Parma and the black iris is the Jordanian national flower,
  • The Baptistery of Parma and the statue of Garibaldi which is located in the center of the city.

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