Data Illustrations Industrial Frigo

Data Illustrations
Client:Industrial Frigo
Industrial Sector:Industrial refrigeration and thermoregulation systems

Industrial Frigo
The company builds its experience in the sector of the industrial cooling and thermoregulation, acquiring a good knowledge that makes it today one of the international leading company in the sector.

Intelligence Process Cooling System
A new approach to optimize the cooling systems.
The adiabatic chamber system developed by Industrial Frigo is unique in the world:it reduces drastically water and electric energy consumption, giving full advantage to the company economy, besides the environment.

RACE:Energy Business Intelligence
The intelligent system to manage energy.
Industrial Frigo provides his customers with a web-based operating system to monitor the cooling system consumptions in real time.Thanks to this innovative application, it is possible to optimize the energy management, reducing costs considerably.

EEC:Energy Efficiency Credit
The energy saving becomes an economic advantage.
Industrial Frigo produces high energy efficiency plants with reduced maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption:it is the ideal partner to obtain the white certificates (EEC) and let your company get guaranteed economic advantages.

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