If we have a mix between data, numbers, text, and we have to communicate complex concept, infographics are the best way. We could have an unique pieces of visual art that show content rather than showing just a lot of text, in this way we could reducing the reliance on text for create a more connection and engage with our audience.

How to turn complicated ideas into simple concepts? we colud use the specific illustration, let’s think, for example, of the illustrations that describe what happens in an atom or when we have to communicate information that isn’t based on numbers, or a specific data sets, for example we have to show off how a specific product are made, in this case we could use illustrations to create an attractive and shareable content.

Most Common Presentation Mistakes: the not correct use of slide-layout text-size and images. Some slide are full of unnecessary animation, or fonts that are too small to read. Slides that show too much data, numbers, and tables are not good for your message. With a custom designed presentation it will be more easy to connecting with your audience and helping them to remember your contents.

The logo is the unique icon or lettering that represents the company in the market, helps convey its business message to the customers and ultimately helps sell the product and services to them. The corporate identity of the company is the combination of all the parts that the company use for communicate, business card, cover letters, legal documents exc…

Sometimes clients knows exactly what they’re looking for. Other times, they have an a general idea, i can help to evaluate which path is best to choose to achieve your communication goal. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I hope that we can work together. Request a quote or more information: Send me an E-mail