From Amman to Torino Information Design in Action Workshop تصميم المعلومات في عمان‎

“Information Design in action” workshop with Chiara Alduini! A project of Dante Amman in cooperation with Platform in the frame of the initiatives of EUNIC Jordan to boost creative industries in Jordan. Funded by European Union Delegation in Jordan.

Art event in Amman, Jordan

The workshop aims to facilitate the acquirement of new communication methods and transfer new techniques of design in the field of information design. Participants will be led by the Italian information designer Chiara Alduini to create an infographic based on a briefing that focuses on sustainable world issues.The focus of the two-day training is to obtain the skills of this discipline, guiding participants to know what to think, when to think and how to think about all the analytical and design decisions involved in any data-driven challenge.

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